Samstag, November 04, 2006

2007: Ein weiteres wunderbares Jahr für Klassikerfans

I begin this column's section on new announcements with some comments that George Feltenstein, Senior Vice President of Theatrical Catalog Marketing for Warner Bros., kindly passed on to me. I've already mentioned above the hiatus in Bogart titles for 2007, but that will be more than compensated by Warners' plans to release 200 or so titles new to DVD this coming year. Although no specific titles were mentioned, classic enthusiasts can look for at least one collection and usually two each month. These will include all new-to-DVD titles except where a previously released title has been substantially upgraded in terms of master quality and supplements (such as was the case with The Maltese Falcon recently). In addition, there will be some repackagings of previously-released titles into box sets, but that will be distinct from the 200 or so new titles. There will be no sets issued that include a mixture of old and new releases. It sounds like Warner Bros. is already staking out best studio of the year status for 2007. Classic fans can only rejoice in the continued commitment!

Frisch in Barrie Maxwells Kolumne auf
gefunden und es ist ein weiterer Beweis, dass Warner zumindest in den USA das beste Studio ist, wenn es um den Bereich klassische Hollywoodfilme geht. Das Sparen kann beginnen.

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