Mittwoch, Mai 30, 2007

John Woo verfilmt Videospiel

Fox Atomic will join forces with vidgame creator Warren Spector to bring his "Ninja Gold" to the bigscreen, aiming at the company's core aud of young adults. John Woo will helm and produce, along with Woo's Lion Rock Prods. partner Terence Chang.

Spector, who will exec produce, is a 20-year vet of the game industry who's developed titles like "Deux Ex: Invisible War," "Thief: Deadly Shadows" and "Underworld: The Stygian Abyss."

Woo and Chang have collaborated on "Face/Off," "Mission: Impossible II" and the upcoming "Battle of Red Cliff," China's biggest-budgeted feature to date.

"Ninja Gold" is "rich in mythology and perfect for John's unique visual style," said Fox Atomic prexy of production Debbie Liebling.

Upcoming on the Atomic slate are "The Rocker," starring Rainn Wilson and produced by 21 Laps Entertainment, Sean Levy and Tom McNulty; and teen novel adaptation "I Love You, Beth Cooper," with production company 1492, Christopher Columbus and Michael Barnathan producing.

Quelle: Variety

Hmm, viel halte ich ja nicht von Videospielverfilmungen und der letzte große Coup von Woo ist auch schon ein Weilchen her. Riecht für mich eher nach nem Projekt für die Tonne aber einfach mal abwarten, wie sich das entwickeln wird.

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Jay hat gesagt…

Nachtigall ick hör' dir trapsen... Videospielverfilmung + Hollywood- Hure- Woo= das riecht verdächtig nach heißer Luft!