Freitag, Juni 29, 2007

Crowe und DiCaprio in neuem Ridley Scott Film

Russell Crowe will join Leonardo DiCaprio in "Body of Lies," the William Monahan-scripted adaptation of the David Ignatius novel that Ridley Scott will direct for Warner Bros.

Donald De Line and Scott are producing; pic shoots in the fall.

Crowe will play Ed Hoffman, the manipulative CIA boss who teams with operative Roger Ferris (DiCaprio) to trap a dangerous Al Qaeda leader by planting a false rumor that the bomber is in cahoots with the Americans. Crowe has been working steadily with Scott since "Gladiator," teaming on "A Good Year," the recently completed "American Gangster" and the upcoming "Nottingham," a Universal and Imagine drama that will go into production early next year.

Crowe has been courted to play the CIA boss since DiCaprio signed on in April. He's awaiting a polish by "American Gangster" scribe Steve Zaillian before formally committing.

Crowe will next be seen starring alongside Christian Bale in the James Mangold-directed "3:10 to Yuma."

He is repped by WMA.

Quelle: Variety

Welch eine hochkarätige Mischung: Russell Crowe gehört ja schon länger zu Scotts Stammschauspielern und Di Caprio mausert sich immer weiter zu einem ganz Großem der Branche, auch wenn er von einigen Leuten noch mit Argwohn beobachtet wird. Der Film wird wohl ein Must See werden, denn auch die Namen Ridley Scott und William Monahan sprechen für ein großes Maß an Qualität und der Stoff scheint ja einiges an Brisanz mitzubringen. Ich bin gespannt.

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